ASSERT on LCD after leaving my first program running

Hoss, I suspect in this last app you have the screen in the designer, and the module initialisation expects you to subscribe to the touch notifications somewhat, even if that’s just to throw a NotImplemented exception or even just return, so when you touch the screen the dispatcher is trying to dispatch to your handler, which doesn’t exist, and that’s generating the Null Reference. Add your handler and do nothing in it and the NullRef will go away.

Try reinstalling the firmware

Yes, and do a complete update, including erasing the chip completely and loading TinyBooter

I followed these instructions:

This is output from the Updater app (note, before clicking the update button, I clicked on Ping, get TinyBooter version and, get Firmware version from the Device menu) …

Was this the correct procedure to cover everything Gus said to do?

Note 1, there was an option to “Erase all” in the Updater, although it was grayed out (but checked).
Note 2, Under image files, it says “All 4 files must be selected.” the text box only allows one path to be entered as far as I can tell. I’ve attached a screen shot of the Updater.

Correct. Now do you see any asserts?

So far so good. Hopefully no ASSERT tomorrow morning!

Well, its tomorrow. No ASSERT. That is a good sign! I’ll try a few more times and report back if I see the ASSERT again.

I left it running and went and put a new battery in my motorcycle and when I got back, there was an ASSERT. :frowning:

@ Hoss -

We have seen ASSERT text on screen. But the way to reproduce is different with you.
Anyway, we will try to fix it and hope your issue will be gone after that :))

Woot! Thanks everyone! If you need me to test a private binary or something, just let me know.

@ Hoss -

It has been fixed and touching is easier now.

@ Dat -

Thanks!! That’s great! So to help a noob here, how do I get the fix? Just wait for next SDK release or something?

Will be posing instructions on how to get the update in few days.

@ Gus - Excellent, I’ll be looking forward to it. Thanks!

@ Dat - Are these fixes included in the commits to codeplex yesterday or are there additional changes?

@ taylorza

These have not been committed yet. They will be committed as soon as possible.

@ Aron - Thanks!

I am having the exact same problem.
Text on my CP7 is: ***** ASSERT *****.
I was debugging my code and suddenly boom. This is the fifth time in 1 year. I know it is not much, but disassembly the case to get to the LDR0 and LDR1 to update the firmware is not a nice solution (it is a solution).
It also looks that Cobra II automatically restart after a minute. But the same error appears on screen. Devices and printers say unknown device.
Not to mention uninstall and install again.

@ Makla -

I don’t think it is exact same. Because:

That is another story.

What firmware are you using?
which device ? Hydra or FEZ Corba II?

I know it is not the same problem, because of that I open a new thread.

Cobra II. I was using Apr 30, 2013 version.