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As promised, more boring video of ME!


I promised to make a video of soldering on the headers to the Cerb40 module. Here it is, in all it’s exciting, exciting glory!


The video is marked private. I was unable to access.


I tried to watch and it says “private video”.

Any tips on soldering, I’m up for it!!


It appears you uploaded your privates… :-[


Maybe it’s a good thing I couldn’t view it. :smiley:


Privates not allowed here lol :slight_smile:


Huh. When you change it from private to public, apparently there’s a little blue button you have to click. Should work now.



“gently take this module out” - short interval - next shot of module sitting loose on the top of breadboard and the unseen screwdriver rattling in the background :smiley:

Soldering isn’t much fun to watch really, but the chatter is always helpful I reckon !


Did you guys think to put the headers on the other side instead? This is how I would do it since this will make the pin labeling easier to read. If anyone tries it, let me know what you think.

And yes I was surprised myself when I saw the board. Very tiny and cute. Loved it :slight_smile:


My plan was to use a screwdriver, but once I got both hands on it, I got it out. 40 pins is a lot in a breadboard, that’s why I didn’t put them all the way in :wink:


My two favorite quotes from the (rambling :)) video.

I agree, and am very excited about this board. I’ve got the regulator and crystal on order. Maybe another soldering video soon? Probably after I can actually make an LED blink…