Articulating Arm Source

Anyone got any tips on where I can acquire the arm material like used by the GorillaPod?

I just want to buy it by the foot/meter w/o it being in a tripod. I’m also interested in hearing of other alternative articulating arm materials that are capable of supporting a bit of weight.

Wow, I did not expect that :slight_smile:

When I read the title I was thinking cool we are going to be discussing ARM source code.

LOL. I wish I could articulate ARM source code… :wink:

I wish I could too, that is why I got excited I thought we are going to learn some ARM assembly today. But the Articulating arm was also cool!

I used to make my own; took installation-cable housing, don’t know the proper english word for it, you know that flexible, threaded polymer tubing, inside of which I stuffed 6-7 1.5mm twisted steel thread. Filled it up with silicone. Worked very well, quite strong and flexible.

Great idea! How did you fill it with silicone? I’m thinking of a silicone caulk gun but I want mine to be 3-4 feet long. I’m not sure a caulk gun would push it through the tube that far.

Not to mention needing fourteen caulk gun tubes :slight_smile:

Hopefully not. I’m thinking of trying it with maybe 3/4" latex or clear poly flexible tube with some heavy wire in the middle. I think I could fill in what’s left with a tube or two of caulk if I can get it in there. I know there’s also the mix yourself latex that is used to create forms. I’d probably have to order it but it does appear to be more liquid and could probably be poured into the tube.

Well this post got me thinking “…I did purchase one of those tripods … and now need to find where I put it” :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Probably still holding onto a tree limb somewhere :wink:

Similar pipes are used on lathes, mills etc for cutting coolant.

I did indeed use a caulk gun. I never needed that kind of length, but if you stand on a chair and get a buddy to straighten the tube, gravity should do the rest just fine. If you clog it you can just push it down with a rod. I forget how long it needs to rest, I seem to recall leaving it for two days before use (i.e. in with the silicone, in with the twisted steel wires, then let it harden).

That’s what I was just about to suggest. It’s pretty cheap and stays in position well.

Here’s some of the 1/4" stuff that I have in a box that I bought to use on my CNC…

@ stevepresley - I didn’t think that was going to work due to it’s small size. I need it to be able to support 1 or 2 lbs. But, I just saw it comes in a 3/4" option. That might work :slight_smile:

I think I’ll try the silicon tube idea first, though. It has some added benefits.