Art of Electronics interview of Paul Horowitz

Ladyada interviews Paul Horowitz.


I think it’s worth mentioning that there are a number of counterfeit copies of the Art Of Electronics 3rd Edition out there of dubious quality.

If you are looking to buy this excellent reference book beware of where you buy it from.

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Good to know this. Luckily when I bought mine it was from Amazon before all the counterfeit copies became available. I got my copy soon after they were released (Revision 3). It’s not a book you really read from cover to cover as I prefer to choose a topic and read that if there is anything in there I need to learn about first, I jump to that section first. Great reference book though for those interested in electronics and want to know more.

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@ Dave McLaughlin - My question is whether the book is approachable for those of us who didn’t come up through an EE degree or similar training (i.e. - the mostly self-taught hardware hackers who get by OK, but are occasionally intimidated by datasheets)? It seems like it would be an awesome reference to have, but at north of $80, it would be a shame if it simply collected dust because it was too dense to be useful.

Good points.

@ devhammer - Of all the electronics books I’ve worked with this is far and away the most useful and approachable. You don’t need to be an engineer to find this book useful. I have the first edition from my college days (no quite written on stone tablets but close) and still use it as a reference. Just about anyone with an interest can read and understand the material and as Dave says, you don’t need to read the whole thing to get useful information on one topic of interest. Given the cost of college text books today, if you can get a copy of the latest edition for $80 it would be a steal.

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@ Gene - Thanks. Appreciate the feedback!


You have to love amazon; having seen this book mentioned before on this forum; I ordered it yesterday and it was on my desk this morning when I arrived. Lets see if it can get me past wiring a LED? I will let you know my thoughts about the book :wink:

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Did you get the genuine one or the fake one? EEVBlog vid above shows some of the pitfalls of the fakes (I checked mine - it’s a genuine)

After I save Dave’s video I went and checked and I have the original. Mind you, I purchased it as soon as it came out so that would have been before the fakes were in circulation.

I think I paid around $150 all in including shipping and DUTY etc. Still well worth it for me as it is the only book I have on electronics.

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If you didn’t watch the interview with Ladyada, I recommend it. Like you, I always wondered about this since I don’t own a copy. His story about why he wrote the book answers your question perfectly. The book wasn’t originally written as a textbook. In fact, Horowitz admitted that he’d never taken an electronics course before writing the book. He’s a physics guy and wrote the book as a way to give people enough useable information to get stuff done w/o having to be an expert in the theory. So, based on this I think it was a book written for makers of all levels. One day I’ll pick up a copy and find out for sure.


Started watching the interview last night, and completely agree. Seems likely to be just the book I need on my shelf. :slight_smile:

That said, while I have great respect for Lady Ada and what she’s built in Adafruit, I don’t care for her interviewing style (at least in this one…others I’ve watched haven’t bothered me). IMO, interviewers should just ask a question and get out of the way, especially with someone like this, who has a lot of fascinating stories to tell.

Quick follow-up…finally had time to finish the interview, and I’ll revise my comments a bit. The interview was great overall, notwithstanding my critique of the style. Well worth the time, and definitely planning to pick up a copy of the book. And maybe even the lab manual, too.

Kudos to Horowitz for the frequent shout-outs to his co-author. Seems like a genuinely humble guy. Looking forward to when they have Hill on.