Arrivederci Europe

After 9 1/2 years it’s finally time to say goodbye to the artic north.

It has been a hugely enjoyable time soaking up the old world charms especially coming from such a young country.

I have been lucky to work at some very interesting places, meet some really cool and very clever people and made some enduring friendships.

But now the time has come to head back home to start new adventures and hang out with @ Brett as he doesn’t have too many mates :smiley:

So next stop…Shenzhen with credit cards at the ready!!!

So long, thanks for the fish and see you all from down under :slight_smile:


So PM Cameron couldn’t talk the EU into a bonus for you?
Sad. Back to the sheep.

Are you coming to NZ, or to Australia?

If NZ, it is kind of shaky at the moment

@ Lurch - sheep == lamb chops :smiley:

@ mtylerjr - Chch is a bit to Rock n Roll for my liking so chillin up North in Tutukaka

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That’s a little farther north than I’ve been.

You are in Ngāpuhi territory though (my wife is half Ngāpuhi, her father was a Ngāpuhi chief)

So watch yourself:D

@ mtylerjr - if you ever make it up i’ll buy you a beer :wink: