Arm7 and arm9 which give me better fast performance?

we are currently using fez spider arm7. but in fez spider our fft application is running very slow . we are thinking about fez hydra arm9 to better performance. so please give me suggestion is fez hydra better than fez spider in perfomance?

The Hydra definately achieves better performance than the Spider. For computationally expensive operations like FFT you probably want to use native code rather than interpreted .NETMF in which case the Spider’s premium libraries offer RLP vs RLP Lite on the OSHW Hydra.

@ taylorza - how to use native code?

@ biren - For the Spider you can start with the tutorial on the wiki

As long as you can handle working in C rather than the managed environment, the GHI RLP offering is surprisingly easy to work with and the performance is really good.

Here is a Native FFT implementation on Codeshare

@ biren - he has

Now its time for you to research things like we all have to.

You won’t learn much by just asking questions and expecting people to just give you code.

@ Justin - ok thanks

@ taylorza - ok now we implemented the rlp and performance are better than previous one in Fez Spider . but can we use fez hydra to more better performance instead of this?

Hydra has RLP Lite.

@ Brett -what is the differences between RLP and RLP Lite?

Search and you’ll be able to find it yourself, there’ll be information available for you I’m sure

Would you like an example for RLP lite (with compile script for GCC)? I have one now, a simple example goes a long way for me. But I’m not going spend time making a codeshare entry if it’s not needed.

Personally, I would suggest an example like that has great value.