Argon R1 - A New Gadgeteer Mainboard

It is announced now:

Yay it looks pretty cool. I will be ordering one.

I spoke to James at Love Electronics the other day via email. I think he is also going to be making a load of modules from the existing Sensors he has. Accelerometers, gyros etc. Really nice guy and totally behind gadgeteer obviously.

Dang, this is indeed exciting…
Man how am I gonna ever finish a product with all these cool boards coming out every so often!!!
Thanks for sharing the news Architect!!!

Right now they seem to be having a small problem with their online ordering system (or at least I’m having a small problem ordering one).

@ Duke I just ordered mine with no problems. They also have a distribution deal with shipwire not sure if they are showing it yet.

Gadgeteer system is growing! I am excited to see what kinds of modules James will came up with as well. With more people making Gadgeteer-modules you have to be creative to come up with something new ;).

We are excited about this as you all are.

Go gadgeteer :slight_smile:

Gadgeteer is such a great idea how can it not grow. I’ve got two projects on my desk now and when my next load of modules shows up from GHI, I’ll have at least another project rolling, and and when GHI’s next module release shows up, I’ll have even more projects made possible. The possibilities of Gadgeteer are endless, and on top of that its freaking blast to play with.

I think I’ve got an Argon R1 ordered, but I’ll wait a bit and see what PayPal says.

Hmmm, I noted only one thing I expected to see but did not; No mention of Ethernet. Now ENC28 is an SPI connected Ethernet, I am guessing that this is implied, but it’s not called out specifically which would be nice to mention it’s status.

@ Architecht I emailed James earlier about modules, he will be bringing them online soon. Some standard stuff like buttons and also quite a few more. I’m not sure if he would want me to list them, I will ask and update later tomorrow.

Just got an email back from James

Woot !

The ENC28J60 module is quite nice. None of the Wiznet limitations, as long as you have a few kb of flash and RAM to dedicate to it.

The only thing nicer would be an actual ethernet PHY, but that’s not practical on a device with no external memory.

Looks nice, but has one worrying limitation…the only Analog input socket is also the touch socket for LCD, so if you were using, say, the T35, you would not be able to do analog in…or am I missing something?

@ devhammer - That does appear to be the case. That would be a big problem since you basically couldn’t use the display and a Joystick at the same time. :frowning:

I’m already working on that fix :wink:

soldermonkey == James ?


Working on some Daisylink modules that I hope will get around some of the more limited socket counts.


Looking forward to seeing them :slight_smile:

Architect: Looks good. I have few questions about RGB socket. What is max supported resolution? What is framerate on 800x600?

It looks to me that you can use the T35 and an alanogue joystick. You would only loose the touch interface.