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Are these the exact same product



The JST pin out is different


what does thank mean


It means that they are not the same.


Why asking the same questions multiple times?!


will it still work the same


soory you can delet one of the forms


do they still use the same code


Hi there Noob,

It may be possible for them to use the same code. A relay is sessentially a way to use a digital pin to control the relay, which controls a bigger load. If you can re-wire them to get the pin connected to a digital IO pin then at least you can try.


noob123: you should look closely at the connectors on both boards - the relay itself looks the same but it is wired up differently on the different boards.

If you are going to connect it to your FEZ processor using the “3-pin E-Block Component Shield” or the “FEZ Connect Shield” from , you should use the relay board from GHI, not the relay from other place.