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Are the JST connectors on Fez Cobra digital too?


Hello I wanted to know if one of the JST connectors on the Cobra can be used as a digital pin?
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Yes sure, It is the middle pin of each JST connector that is wired to the IO


Thanks so I can use something that uses a digital pin on a JST and some that uses a analog on another JST. Are all JST connectors analog with digital as a seccondary feature.


The answer to your question is NO. Not all the JST pins on a Cobra are Analog, the I2C and PWM pins don’t appear to have an analog function. Check out the product doco or the images in the catalog.

Any pin marked as ANALOG also has a digital capability (that isn’t unique to the Cobra, all GHI devices do this), but this isn’t really a “secondary feature”, it’s just whether it’s connected via the ADC or not at that particular time.