Are SPI2 and SPI5 available on SC20260D dev board?


I have working devices on SPI3, which is used on the Mikrobus sockets but if I try to use SPI2 or SPI5 on the X1 or X3 headers, then nothing happens.

Is this intended behaviour ?

They should work! Do you have a logic analyzer?

It turns out to be that I’ve set a too high frequency on those buses :frowning:
I did not remember they were using a different prescaler stage.

30MHz is fine on SPI3 but not on SPI2 and SPI5
24 MHz is ok on the three buses.

Do you have the maximum allowed frequencies on each SPI bus ?

Sorry for the false alarm.

What happens when you set to 30Mhz?

The system should automatically pick the highest allowed clock. If not, we need to fix!

Unfortunately, my LA is not able to handle such frequencies. I can go up tp 25MHz for SPI but even there, it’s not really accurate.

And the behaviour is : nothing happens. But I think it will depend on the device, probably.

Update on “allowed frequencies”, as I had connected the wires to SPI2 on the second header instead of SPI5 :blush:

Requested 30 MHz is ok on SPI3
Requested 24 MHz is ok on SPI2
Requested 14 MHz is ok on SPI5

Why do I say “requested frequency” ? Because the real frequency is not the one requested but something lower. I know this is expected behaviour, there is no issue with this, to me.

Awesome! Still waiting for you to find some bugs :yum:

I feel that you are really impatient. So I can’t leave you there waiting.

Here’s one :

private static void BugForGus()
            for (Double i = 0.0; i < 10.0; i += 0.1)
                Debug.WriteLine($"i = {i:F1}");

Have fun :wink:


I think you should still check the max frequency thing. It looks like it does not set the right one if it is higher than allowed.

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Please, don’t say that formatting doubles is not supported !? :open_mouth:

We will know soon