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Are all Arduino module compatible with FEZ Cerbuino Bee?


I require HSPA cellular communication, iteadstudio has an arduino module made with the SIM5216E (the GHI/SEEED module is the SIM900)…

It works with either 3.3v or 5v so with my limited knowledge of the arduino shields I’m assuming this will be compatible with the cerbuino Bee…
It also has the Fez Panda II as a compatible mainboard which I think helps to confirm it will work…

Is it safe to assume this will work with the Cerbuino Bee?

Does the following line item need to concern me if I’m going to be using the other Gadgeteer ports? Or will the sharing simply be taken care of by the mainboard?
Arduino Compatible headers (some signals are shared with Gadgeteer sockets)



Welcome to the forum!

I don’t see why it shouldn’t work. You are safe. :slight_smile: