Arduino shields

I use Arduino for 2 years now and want to convert to FEZ as I am fascinated by programming possibilities and program stability. Because money counts, I need to know if I can use following arduino shields with FEZ:

  1. Ethernet shield:

  2. WiShield 1.0 (simmilar to the 2.0):

Does anyone has experience or the knowledge?


this might help you with the ethernet shield

The latest GHI SDK has integrated support for W5100 based Ethernet shields. I have done a lot of testing with the beta, and it works greet.

I used a shield from Sparkfun.

Dear Foekie, you are pointing out a very old post. Latest SDK DOES in fact support Ethernet on any of our devices.

See this

Also see this as it lists Ethernet too

Hey Gus,

Is the code used in that demo available anywhere?


Yeah, home come there is no wiki page for this?!

600 points to the one making a page on wiki showing this feature off in a video. (You have to make it work and make a video, not my video :wink: )

Here is the code. I will remove this link once the wiki page is up.

Thank you all for replies, sudgestions and links. is the nswer yes, or no?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Ethernet is officially and professionally supported by GHI, Yes.

As for that wifi board you pointed out, it will be a very bad option for NETMF, the community + GHI are looking for the best option. You an of course connect any serial <->wifi module and get it to work if you know what you are doing but we are looking for something we officially support so you would never have problems.

Thank you for the reply. It saves me lot of time!

please take a look at this document to get your Ethernet Shield working with FEZ Domino or Panda

please, is there also a client and chat exemple somewhere like for arduino?

There are examples in the netmf 4.1 sdk plus this is .NET so any example you find online for a pc will probably work on fez

If you are desperate for Wifi support now, you could always hook up a wireless bridge device. They add bridge device like this I have used them in the past and they can give any wired ethernet device wireless capability. (This assumes you already have the Ethernet shield.)