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Arduino Ethernet Like Board


I would like to see a Fez board like the Arduino Ethernet (, maybe based on the Fez Panda II, with support for Power-over-Ethernet.


That shield would work on panda but we have a better shield


PoE is not supported, however ::slight_smile:
You may try to use a PoE splitter like this one :
Or make you own taking 48v power out of pins 4&5 or 7&8 with a DC/DC power converter


The board he is talking about is a combination Ethernet and Arduino on one board. It is not a shield. The closest .NETMF board like this is the Netduino+. But the Netduino+ uses the native ethernet Phy on the chip instead of the Wiznet 5100 thus uses the main chips memory and execution cycles to do the same thing that the 5100 does on its own.


It is not a shield it is an Arduino Uno based new board with Ethernet (no USB).

I have this new Arduino on my desk hooked up to POE enabled switch. Works great!


@ GHI - Since I haven’t yet seen this asked directly… how about PoE on the next version of the Connect shield?

@ Architect - are those jumper wires your own, or did you purchase them? They look nice and beefy! I ordered a bunch of the premade ones from SparkFun and there really couldn’t be any less metal in the things :frowning:


I got them from iTead. These are very handy.

I also use female wires from iTead


My experience with Arduino Ethernet with POE module on it

Got two of these a week ago. One is bad (can’t program it with USB2Serial) send back for replacement.

Got ten more and the replacement for the bad one from the first order.Only 3 out of 11 are programmable.

So far I am not very happy with the quality


:o Are you leaning towards some kind of manufacturing defect as a possible cause? Or shipping damage, maybe? Let us know if you (or Arduino) figure out what happened.


Here is what I got from the seller support:

The short answer - use Arduino Original USB2Serial converter. FTDI based cables and breakout boards made by 3rd parties work on some boards but not on others.