Arcade design with inkscape

I just downloaded inkscape and the design files for the gadgeteer arcade console from ponoko but when I open the file I only see a blank page! Any ideas? When i open the same file in IE, i somewhat see very very thin lines and the drawing looks incomplete.

I just tried to save the same files as PDF and now the lines are showing properly! Why there is no lines showing in inkscape?

Possibly monitor contrast? It sounds like they used a very light color.

@ Gus - I think I saw the same thing. I believe the lines just show up very faintly in Inkscape. See if you can play with some of the view settings to make them show up better.

Gus, zoom in a LOT - these are superfine lines.

Try pressing Control + A to select everything… Something should show up, you can also give it a color after you have pressed cntrl+a.

This has worked for me in inkscape after importing seemingly “invisible” content.