Arachnio - the new price point to beat for integrated wifi

It was only a matter of (a short) time.

Is Justin the closest one to getting a NETMF board with integrated ESP8266 for <= $30? GHI? Anybody else?

[EDIT] Then there’s that bloomin’ onion thing running linux for about the same price.


Cerb40-II+WiFi has for too long been a dream… :cry:

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I might have something up my sleeve, but cost would probably be between $40 - $50 (US). :whistle:

I think a $30 price point is on Justin’s radar.

We just need to get that man a website, so that it’s easy to order from him…

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Crystal ball - I see a website in our future. I don’t see it that far away in the future.

I have been approved to post the following content on 4th April 2015, on the order of His Right Honourable Minister of Ingenuity (Micro), Justin Wilson.

Edit: so yeah, maybe not that far away.

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@ Brett - Blah, blah, blah. Promises, promises…

Gary, can I get you to start a new list for me ??!! Mr Duthie goes on it first. Thanks !!