Application doesn't work in serial debugging mode

 I have a Panda II and I'm trying to use it as a USB Keyboard. When I plug in the device normally, it detects as a .NET debuggable device and I can deploy to it and it responds perfectly. When I try to set the MODE jumper to ground, all I get is the solid led light and Windows 7 don't see it as a device of any sort. The very first thing I do is turn off the LED and turn it back on in 1 second intervals to know the device is working. When it's in normal USB debugging mode, the lights flash and the device works as normal, yet when I set the jumper the lights do not blink. I believe it's the way i'm setting the jumper, not knowing exactly how to set the jumper, i'm using a wire. Is this the reason it's not behaving correctly? If so what is the proper way to set the jumper?


What is connected to serial, you need COM1 connects to something to see what is going on. This may help

You’re not setting LDR instead of MODE by any chance are you?

Edit: also, closing a jumper point with a wire is totally acceptable, but make sure you have it reliably closed. On some other devices like Panda you can use a proper jumper as these devices just have .1" headers; these are common on PC parts as well as electronics so you might have one or more hanging around.

You must also tied Rx to ground if you are not using the serial port as debug port. I think GHI miss a pullup or pulldown here… At least to me, noise is confusing the debugger and my app crash if Rx not tied to gnd.

Thanks for the suggestions! The jumpers I’ve sen so far in the pc world have always been “Female”. So I wasn’t aware that there were male jumpers. I’ll so some more research and digging around to see if I can’t find one… I’ll also try the Rx thing and see if that helps… thanks!

Rx to Ground worked! Thanks a million!