Application Button Event

My display has 16 buttons that surround 3 sides. I am looking for a way to have those buttons fire an event on a screen. What we are trying to accomplish is that each UI button would respond to either a screen touch or button press. Buttons will be aligned up with their physical button. The buttons are connected to an I2C keypad controller that handles all the debounce and scanning.

I see there is a Button Event that can be raised but it is limited to 8 pre-programmed buttons. Can HardwareButtons enum be extended to all more or custom buttons?

(The reason for the physical buttons in addition to the touch screen is that this will be used outdoors in cold weather. The operators will have dirty and greasy gloved hands. We want all the main functions to be available by hardware keys.)

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The entire UI library is open source. There is almost nothing you can’t do… and we welcome contributions.