App Available Memory Size Difference Between NETMF and TinyCLR OS

I’m using the Quail board (STM32F427) and with NETMF 4 my available memory after GC is 114,564. When I port TinyCLR OS onto it, my available memory after GC is 47,248. That is a significant difference. Any ideas on why? Thanks.

TinyCLR OS is beta software, no optimisations. You’ve just got to handle things like this until it gets closer to release. If you need the memory, you need to go back to netmf


@ B5 Fan - One other thing to keep in mind is that System.GC.GetTotalMemory returns the amount of memory used unlike the NETMF method that returned the amount free.

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@ B5 Fan - how did you measure the free memory? See John’s reply please.

Is there a way to get the amount free? My app checks that if the amount of free space gets below a certain threshold it reboots the device.

Ummm, I suppose if I knew from the processor specs how much memory was available I could just do the simple subtraction. Reckon that would work?

@ B5 Fan - There is currently no way to get the amount of heap space free unfortunately. We are looking into it for a future release. Doing the subtraction yourself would get you a rough number at least.

Ok, thanks. I’ll hang tight until hopefully you can figure it out. Not a super high priority though.