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APOC: Mini Radiation Detector


Being one who is always in search of a Radiation meter module I came across this on KickStarter:

This is a Gamma detector that uses photodiodes


So this is for non ionizing radiation. That’s pretty cool :slight_smile: The Apocalypse Mini Radiation Detector


Thank you very much.
Base on your hint, I fund


Yeah, saw that ages ago. Think I bought the article from Elector, even have the pin diodes, but never built one.

But now I’m working on a real Geiger module…

I must still do the programming for the PIC, but I’m waiting for my order from GHI to arrive(I need my batch of $1 breakout boards to make a programming cable). The PIC will generate the required 500V. I also designed a plexiglass “Shield” to cover the high voltage bits. Still have to get that cut.


SWEET!!! Hopefully you are building a couple at least as I’m interested if your selling.


Selling is the idea. :slight_smile:

Only building one as prototype, but if it works then I’ll import more tubes and transformers and build the other nine…


Excellent, I look forward to hearing about a successful prototype and goodies for sale then when ready.


I have bought this

But still not have time to try.

@ GMod(Errol).I am looking forward to see your module.


Are there ANY warning signs on that board warning about shock or electrocution? :slight_smile:


You mean 500V?


Ahh, it was hidden by the glass tube in the first photo.

Now I just need to find a nice source of uranium glass…


This is the one reason why I am not trying it. Ha.


@ GMod(Errol) - Wow! That is a nice module! Definitely put me down for one with the protection shield.


This is not how it works :slight_smile: You make few, tell us how to pay you and then ship to us. You have a great idea, no need to try to sell it.

Put me in for couple




Gus, did I just hear you say you’re going to start distributing user modules???


Hmm, my module is alive!!

Now I need something radioactive. All I have is a smoke detector that mainly decays via Alpha, and very few Gamma rays. The Gammas I can detect as 5 to 10 counts per minute.

Without a source I get arout 0.5 to 0.25 counts per minute, ie, one count every 2 to 4 minutes.


@ GMod - Any new images?


There is a 20MW research reactor about 40km from me, but my access card has expired as I have not worked there in five odd years… :slight_smile:

Not yet. It still looks the same, I have not had the perspex cut yet…


One of those that really hard to test.