Aoyue solder/desolder

Anybody have anything useful to say review-wise about the Aoyue or other Amazon-available hot air + solder (+ optionally, desolder) stations?

Any brand experience?
Is the desolder option worth bothering with (e.g., does it work passably well)?

I have one that I bought 3-4 years ago now and its worked beautifully every since. I recommend them to everyone and everyone that’s bought one has had the same experience. Definitely get the hot air option. If you work with SMD parts at all hot air is so much easier to work with than the iron.

Just make sure you figure out the instructions… When I got mine the instructions were all in Chinese with some crude pictures. So, I just tossed them and went to work. The hot air made a horrible racket and about vibrated off the table when I turned it on but I just assumed that’s what cheap Chinese crap did… It wasn’t until months later that I had the station out in the shop and took it apart for some reason that I realized that there is a shipping screw in it that is made to hold everything still when on the boat trip. Remove that and it works beautifully. :slight_smile:

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I had an Aoyue soldering station with hot air for years. It was big and heavy and about 2 years ago I switched to the smaller ATTEN 8586 that I got on eBay. The only issue with it was the iron broke apart but I sourced 2 replacements from a supplier in Sydney and they have worked really well since.

As Ian says, get the hot air option. You can use this to place small QFN packages during prototyping. I even used it recently to place a 64 pin STM32 by applying a thin layer of lead solder to the pads and then applying the hot air. Worked great. Lead free though is a lot more work as you need a lot more heat before it flows.

I have had a Chinese variant of the Hakko FX-888 ( for a while, and instead of buying a dual unit I went and bought an Atten 858D+ on its own (probably from the same ebay supplier that @ Dave used). I wouldn’t really hesitate in buying a combo unit as they are pretty reliable so it’s unlikely they’ll go cactus and turn it into a large soldering iron or large hot-air station…

Brett, this is the guy I got the spares for my ATTEN from. He has an eBay page too.

Coolcar Spare Parts
ABN 44 217 047 309
Unit 21, 40-44 Wellington Road
South Granville,NSW

Yep, but I used him via | eBay :slight_smile: .

I posted about my experience The wait is over ! | Brett's Space see note right at the bottom - geez was it really 2012, and were OSHpark still called Dorkbot PDX? Wowwwww

BTW, now that I’m at home looking at mine… It actually has the name “KADA” but I’m fairly certain they’re all made at the same place. Mine is an 852D+ knockoff.

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It was about the time I was going to go Bathurst last year and the postal cost to Indonesia was almost as much as the parts so I asked if he could send them to a friend of mine who I would meet up on the mountain and he was happy to do so. Arrived Bathurst and me mate gave me them. Thinking about it, the cost to get to the mountain was considerably more than the parts and shipping but I was already going there anyway. :slight_smile:

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Thanks all - I got the Aoyue 2703A which has solder, hot air and a vacuum desolder. Amazon comments mention the “red screw on the bottom” so @ ianlee74 wasn’t the only one to get bit by this. I’ll let you know how it works out.

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@ mcalsyn - Congrats on your purchase! One other thing I didn’t mention… The one upgrade I did make to my iron was to replace its cheap tip with a genuine concave Hakko tip. They’re about $10. You may end up wanting to do the same at some point.