Anything similar to VirtualWire?

Hi all,

I am completely new to the world of Arduino, Netduino and the FEZ products. I’m a C# guy so obviously the Netduino and FEZ products are the most tempting for me.

During my research I have found the VirtualWire library for Arduino which simplifies communication over RF. Does anything similar exist for .NET MF (and in particular for use with FEZ Panda II)?

I need to make an RF receiver (433.92MHz AM) using this module [url][/url]
Does it seem reasonable to use .NET MF and FEZ Panda II for this, or would you rather use a plain-old Arduino?

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RF is modules are usually just a wireless serial connection. Serial ports are very easy on NETMF/FEZ so porting the library should be easy.

Plus you have some amazing community right here to help you do it.

Thanks for your quick reply Gus.

It sounds great that it shouldn’t be too bad to opt for the .NET MF solution.

Serial comms is very easy with NETMF.

Just watch out for the protocol the radio transmitter will send out. If it uses Manchester encoding and maybe a proprietary protocol on top of that you might need some extra help.

Any reason you must use this AM module? What is the transmitter?

I am going to replace an existing receiver we already have with an Arduino-inspired solution to make it more flexible. This is why I would use the same receiver, to ensure it works properly with the transmitters we already use.