Anyone using the Windows 10 IoT Core Internal System Information Rest API? Not working for me via localhost on Rpi 3 in 10.0.14393.0

I’m making use of the what I think is an undocumented capability of Windows 10 IoT Core - the internal system information Rest API. The only place I’ve found that documents this capability is:

My Rpi C# app uses this API to get system information such as the Ethernet adapter’s MAC address, or dynamically set the audio volume. My Rpi 2 application is using 10.0.10586 and is able make the API calls using localhost without any issues, however the API calls fail via localhost on my Rpi 3 running 10.0.14393.0. I can successfully call the API methods from another machine using the Rpi 3’s IP address or device name, just not from the on-board c# app via localhost.

Any help to get these Rest calls working via localhost is appreciated!

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@ keith2ei I can’t help you on your question, but thanks for sharing the link.

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Turns out the answer to my question is:

Step 1. In the Solution Explorer open the Package.appxmanifest

Step 2. Check the box: Private Networks (Client & server)

That’s it. Fixed my problem, evidently this was not a requirement in 10.0.105086. I’m not sure what the prior answer given to my question means “Windows Device Portal recently implemented CSRF protection checks.” Maybe that’s what my answer is resolving.