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Anyone up for a FEZ Christmas challenge? This is awesome


Totally awesome, 10 strings of 50 RGB LED lights each:


Houston, we have a Christmas tree in space.


I just wandered across someone else using a FEZ to control these LEDs for another cool purpose.


That is one of “ours” (username andrejk)


I think the callange not in making LEDs turn on and off but in teh creativity in making them look amazingly in sync.


Thats why I posted it in the first place. Should have chosen another title i know.


That is exactly what i have been wanting to build. Thanks for posting :wink:

Found more info on hacking the GE Color Effects G-35 led string, if interested.

Now to find the best deal where to get them.


That is a great tree - really nice animations. We just finished a Christmas project just last night. This is 3 Christmas trees with 50 LEDs each and a pvc pipe creating an over the top “swoosh” that has three star / snow flakes - all in sync. This project used a total of 267 RGBs with WS2801 chip run by a single poor little over worked arduino.

Here is a link.

Note: The rainbow / color changing window in the first part of the video is not the above mentioned installation, it was another project that uses a 5 meter strip with LPD6803 chip - still a work in progress as a permanent display.


@ hookedup Very nice!