Anyone still holding on to Gadgeteer?


I thought that just because GHI is leaving the great ship “HMS Gadgeteer” maby it is not going to [em]die.[/em] That was until i recieved this message form Mountaineer-boards regarding their Gadgeteer NANO Main Board:
"[em]As GHI Electronics has stopped supporting Gadgeteer, the market for compatible modules has shrunk a lot. Unfortunately. So at the moment I couldn’t in good conscience recommend starting with Gadgeteer.[/em]"

Are there any company that actively still support this platform?

Last thought
[em]If Microsoft had pushed Gadgeteer to the Educational community like they did Visual Studio i’m sure this would had been great[/em]

@ janfl - If by “anyone” you mean commercial entities/suppliers, I’m not aware of anyone continuing to develop mainboards or modules.

That being said, anything you purchase will continue to work. I have a boatload of Gadgeteer boards and modules, and I don’t plan on getting rid of them, any more than I got rid of the e-Blocks that solved a similar problem for the older FEZ Panda boards. The only downside is that eventually, it will become difficult to get compatible versions of Visual Studio and the SDKs to make the software side work.

BUT - that won’t mean that the hardware stops working. It just means that you may need to drop down to plain vanilla NETMF, and given that the GHI Gadgeteer drivers all have source available on BitBucket, that should be pretty manageable.

So if I were getting started today, I probably wouldn’t buy all the Gadgeteer gear that I own, but for those who have board/modules, there’s no reason to get rid of them, IMO. And when there are big sales (like the Cyber Monday sale earlier this week), it might still be worth it to pick up some cheap hardware, even if you’re new to all this.

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Gadgeteer was/is pretty much just a wrapper for simplicity’s sake. Anyone can make any thing G compatible just by wiring it up correctly. It’s not that technology is dead, it’s just that company’s aren’t going to be actively making modules for it.

Yes, I’m holding onto it…in my heart. But as far as choosing it for a project and buying any new hardware I consider that a bad investment and will go with something else in the future. However, I have thousands of dollars in hardware on hand. So, I imagine I’ll still be throwing Gadgeteer bits & bobs into projects for many years. However, they’ll probably be controlled by pure NETMF or this new TinyCLR thing… :wink:

I agree that there’s nobody at the moment producing new mainboards. There’s really only ever been a few who have released commercial quantities of mainboards anyhow, and there’s only been a few people who have released commercial modules, but there’s been a lot more who have released community level modules and even a few community level mainboards. The software layer may be going to waste away (although there’s rumblings, @ mcalsyn might have news?) but as a way to connect modules to processors the Gadgeteer layer is still a very simple way to do that.

If anyone needs a 5" LCD option I have a batch using @ Dave McLaughlin’s PCB design I intend to offer up (without cables most likely, and definitely without LCD panel). But that’s a thread for another day…