Anyone looking for enclosures?

Try this company out. I’ve used them to purchase a number of enclosures and many of them with machining out holes etc.

They are excellent to deal with and prices for machine work is very reasonable. They knocked spots off my previous supplier in Singapore.

I particularly like the flanged network boxes.


Spooky, was looking at them 30mins ago ;D

I got them to machine some aluminium housings for a modem last year and they did an excellent job and price was great. No minimum order either.

I also got some plastic enclosures from OKW that they also offered. It was half the price of the Singapore official distributor too when it came to the machine work.

Fast service too.

@ Dave McLaughlin - where was this a couple years ago when I was looking for an enclosure almost exactly like one of those in the .pdf that a client wanted? He ended up getting someone to laser cut some acrylic (which IMHO looked like crap…).


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