Anyone in Spain - 'Let's Fight ! Arduino vs Netduino vs .Net Gadgeteer vs Galileo'

Wish I was going to be in Spain on Feb 28th as dotNet Spain conference is going to have a ‘Let’s Fight !!! Arduino vs Netduino vs .Net Gadgeteer vs Galileo’ session put on by Bruno Capuano which looks like it should be interesting.

Translation of the session is:

[quote]In this session we will see the details and differences that exist between some of the most popular platforms for creating intelligent systems.

In addition to viewing and detailed specifications of each platform, in this session we will show you the solution to a problem with the 4 platforms: Arduino, Netduino, .net Gadgeteer, and Galileo. We will discuss about the availability and price of devices on the market, communities that is behind them, the programming languages used and some other points. If you have aim taking your first steps in the world of IoT, since here we will see the bases and of course, all with Visual Studio ;)[/quote]