Anyone here ever try to use the CAN DW Module to connect to a NMEA 2000 network

I want to build a device that converts all of my gauge data from analog to digital for my boat motors and passes it into the NMEA 2000 network for use on my chartplotter. I know there are devices already built that will convert gauge signals to NMEA 2000, but I was hoping to send the data to my laptop as well and I was thinking WiFi and UDP. Any suggestions?

Try this for your PC?

Main problem of NMEA2000 is that the specifications are really expensive. However there’s some attempts of reverse engineering. The thing you need to know is what are the PGN needed to be properly displayer by your chartplotter; each manufacturer have reserved proprietary PGN for its own devices. But if your data are common ones, then you will find the PGN here: