Anyone going to be at Impact2014

I am going to be at Impact April 27 - May 1, if anyone here is going to be there it would be great to meet up.

I just finished day 1 of the conference. IBM has a lot of IoT sessions, even some on RP, MQTT. Today was filled with 1 on 1 sessions with the various IBM teams, but I hope to hit some of the general sessions through the rest of the week and I will try make some of the IoT session to see what they are thinking. It looks like IoT’s time has come.

I had to Google the name, sounded like a super stars if wrestling event to me :smiley:

will we interesting to hear their IoT gospel.

Did you have any luck convincing them to jump on the NETMF wagon? :wink:

I tried to convince them that the new Power 8 would run much better with NETMF, but no one wanted to take me seriously… :slight_smile:

I did get to join a session with Grady Booch, which was awesome. He really is an insightful man.

How was Impact 2014?

@ Mr. John Smith - It was excellent, I arrived home this evening after a grueling 5 days in Vegas :slight_smile:

Coming from a Microsoft Background and not really being an uber IBM geek, I am actually quite impressed with some of the things they are doing in various areas. They are really pushing IoT, making it a serious focus in BlueMix, giving it core capabilities for building out IoT cloud services in a hurry.

@ taylorza- IBM and Intel now focusing on IoT? I wonder what is driving them.

@ Mr. John Smith - IBM has a huge focus on APIs at the moment, in fact one of the primary reasons I went was to get more in depth discussions with their architects on DataPower and API Manager. And from the general sessions, it would appear that they see IoT as being a major consumer of APIs which of course is a great selling point for why API management is so critical.

You can actually see how the shift has gone from the heavy handed stringent governance model of something like WSRR to the almost no governance very agile API Manager. I am not saying that WSRR does not have its place, but you can see where the focus is…

I think they are gearing up for a huge boom in API consumption and IoT is an excellent example of where that boom is going to come from. In fact some of the IBM clients that presented did a great job showing what they are doing in that space and where they are going.

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