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Anyone from Australia putting in a Sparkfun order soon?


If you are, or if we have a few people who want a few little parts but cannot justify making a small order - i’d really like to get a connector for my ublox gps which i forgot to order. - $1.25 is too little to do a single order on haha.


way less postage from little bird electronics.


Yeh I was going to say LBE would be the go for small one-offs or those items you forget :slight_smile:


Brett, it seems LBE have none in stock in Au, only from the US (Sparkfun). At least you won’t be paying for the postage from there.

I’ve been meaning to make an order from spark fun for a while, let me know if you are still interested.


Ok so i could probably buy some other things from SFE, who wants to order what? mail me? markh@

I’ll place the order on Friday morning (about lunch time EST).