Anyone else disappointed in GHI Products?

@ Gus - get the system up, and recommended changes to it can submitted as new features. :smiley:

HI Gus,
I kind of sensed that you are basing it on codeplex system and as I explained it won’t work as expected because you cover a broader line of products with different firmware and versions, software and hardware… so I would add the following if it were up to me:

a drop down asking for firmware Version (listing current supported firmware, while including both Ethernet and non-Ethernet since those have different effect)
a drop down asking the name of the hardware in use (Spider, EMX, Cobra even if EMX is same as Spider I would still list both which will help differentiate a custom board from a GHI board)
a drop down asking for NETMF Version.

I think this will help track these bugs better…

Oh and the link back to a forum discussion just like Codeshare which is a great idea…to keep the system clean…


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All - this thread has covered a lot of meaty topics, most of which deserve their own topic. I find myself grumbling every time I see the topic title come up in my unread list, due to its negativity. Please spawn some more specific topics as needed and put this one to bed for good.


Feel free to post on the Task Tracker so we can address your needs.

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Yeah, they aren’t bad. The status of things is a bit confusing. Still a really neat project.

I have a feeling we are going to be spammed by this user. He has been posting trivial stuff in a number of places in the forum so that he can reach the level of post at which his links work.

Or, am I just being too suspicious after seeing spam operations for years ???

suspicion duly noted, and seconded by me. Next post will be the proof!

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