Anyone Do A Partial Emulator for The Gadgeteer

I am not suggesting as someone’s homework but I just was wondering if there had been any partial or full emeulator for the Gadgeteer hardware that does more than the Generic .Net MF Emulator–I suspect this would be a huge project if it involved a large number of modules but I just was wondering?

Not that I know of.

What do you have in mind?

What I had in mind if you accept the challenge (Mr… Phelps/Architect) is initially a simulation of the processor plugboard and one or two outboard elements (.e.g buttons, LED’s, pot) with hooks for people to continue to add as they have the energy, with the Touch Panel as the first big outboard element to the simulation.

But only if you choose to accept the challenge.


Why Phelps?

Mr. Phelps was a character on a 60’s-70’s TV Show (I believe Mission Impossible) who listened to challenges from his spy agency on a self-destructing tape “this is your Mission if you choose to accept it”
–Ira XD :slight_smile:

Architect, I’m disappointed… :wink:

Hmm, cool! I like it. I hope it is on Netflix.

Complete with capstan-drive self-destructing mini reel-to-reel tape recorder XD

Of course Tom Cruise has made all the modern MI: movies. The new one comes out next month!