Anyone but me remember this launching?

I was not into science at that age… but a 8 track recording device, I had one in my first car :smiley:

No No you aren’t alone … I was 15 years old boy, fascinated from the Voyager 1 and 2 missions … They are still living in the deep space …

I remember it and it blows me away that we are still able to get data from it considering how far away it is and how low power the transmitter is. A big tip of the hat to these dudes as they created something truly amazing.

I remember, those were the good old days. I was working at NASA as a field service rep for SEL computers at the time.

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I’ll add some really cool data you can read…

I was 5 when they went up. It is truly amazing that they still work and still send data.
I’m looking forward to the point where they have truly transitioned beyond the outer reaches of the solar system. If I remember correctly V1 is passing that barrier now ? I
may be wrong though.

When Niklaus Wirth needed a name for his third-generation version of the programming language Pascal, it was the time when Voyager 2 sent back images from Uranus, among them of its moon Oberon. As a bow to the incredible engineering of the space probe’s computer system, he called the language Oberon. And as a spin-off of Wirth’s group, we later called our company Oberon microsystems.


The probe was reprogrammed “in the field” a couple of times, e.g. with better compression algorithms. Better radio technology that was developed after the launch was necessary to stay in contact with the probes. The probes are still sending data after a quarter of a century. Now [em]that’s [/em]a quality benchmark!