Anybody hungry?

Bananamaphone - LOL!

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Awesome! Pete should make us one using his module :slight_smile:

This is actually a demonstration of a project from Kickstarter - MaKey MaKey:

I am a backer of this project.


@ Architect - I have one of these on order…first Kickstarter project I’ve ever backed…such a neat idea. Especially for those of us with kids…can only imagine what my boys will come up with.

Yes, exactly. I did that for my kids too!

Just got SparkFun Ship Notificati​on. This is the first something I am getting out of a Kickstarter project.

I got word that mine will be shipping soon, but they said it may be a few days before it actually ships. Looking forward to playing with it.

Got mine yesterday :dance:

@ Architect - Got mine over the weekend, but haven’t had time to play with it yet. :frowning:

Hopefully this weekend.