Any way to turn off Display N18?

Is there any way to turn off a Display N18 display to save power?

Currently i turn the backlight off but turning the entire display should save even more power?

Also what must be done to prevent pixels getting frozen on the display is it enough to clear the screen with black a few times a minute or is this not a problem at all?

To turn the display off you would need to cut the 3.3V supply.
On a custom board you could achieve this by a transistor I think.
I don’t see any other possibility.

Frozen pixels are usually no problem for a modern LCD display.
I had a N18 running for about 2 weeks without shutdown with a white on blue text display, that more or less never changes for some digits.
I can see no frozen pixel problem.

Have you measured how much current it takes? Or looked in a spec sheet.

You can shut down the LCD driver peripheral part of your mainboard. Digital electronics takes most current when switching so if the LCD clock is stopped it should help and you save a bit of power in your MCU too.

There is an enable line, but I think it’s timing critical so if you steal it from the LCD driver it might mess things up a bit.

@ hagster - N18 is a SPI display, not native.


You can take a look at datasheet, I remember there is a register to set N18 to sleep mode with minimum power consumption.

If it does have, then you can modify the N18 driver if current driver does not support this feature.