Any recent Reprap experience? I need to build a bunch

Hey, my next set of classes is to teach various engineers to do cheap surface mount electronics and submit parts to our in-house model shop for mechanical fixtures [The classes I have run so far on micro-controller programming using Fez Pandas has put 70 people through our program with really good success].

For a class project, I want each student to build their own reprap machine. Parts will be made on our big industrial 3d printers and laser cutters and metal shop because the goal is first to get them to understand the process of using the high precision stuff we have - but I expect that if 50 engineers here have their own reprap, lot’s of stuff will be made by them as well.

So, I am thinking about building Reprap Huxley machines - does anyone have experience actually building a reprap? Any thoughts or suggestions for me? Any experience with Huxley in particular? Any first year graduates in software engineering want to apply for a job working with me?

The first class will be 10 people and then we will run more over the next year. Once I have the first 15 built (10 for students, 3 for instructors, and each class will build 2 extras), I expect we will do a lot to make some run on Fezs and build more accurate extruders, etc.

BTW, I will post the most recent class slides and labs soon.

Wow nice! Another class :slight_smile:

So you got 3D printers, can you donate one fo the comunity! Lol

Perhaps :wink:

I have just finished putting together Mendel. Right now I am figuring out electronics (want to use Fez as main board) and working on g-code implementation.
It was fun and really easy. Let me know if you have specific questions.

IRC #reprap is a really good place for info - you’ll find lots of people there that will happily give you as much info as you can stand on the various family members.