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Any plans to support CANopen



I see the FEZ boards support CAN, but could not find any mention of CANopen. CANopen seems to be very popular in Europe for all kinds of sensors, motors, etc. It is probably a much better solution than using RS485 to control many devices with a FEZ.

Any plans?

(I have actually never used CANopen, I just noted all stepper motor controllers I’ve dealt with so far support it - besides RS485 and RS232)



CANopen is a software library that runs on top of CAN, so it is CAN which is already available on most GHI devices.


Yes, I did notice you already support CAN.
The question was rather if GHI has any plans to support the higher lever CANopen in foreseeable future.


As Gus said, CanOPEN is “on top”. So you could make yourself very popular by going to and writing one of the examples to use the GHI low-level routines. There may be some license issues. There are several versions available commercially as well, but they cost $$.