Any idea on how to do this?

Hello guys,
Can any of you experts tell me how can i create something similar to the adapter that plugs into the headphone jack???

I mean how do they transfer the signal from the audio jack to the rf for example and vice versa.

Edit: direct link to he image

Concentration on the small adapter please…
Please share Any guidance, link, name of the technology, anything that can help…


If I were doing it I would treat it like a modem. High tone is a one and low tone is a zero serial data.

Thanks guys,

I’m more interested in knowing how to capture the signal from the audio jack and transform it to something else not necessarily IR, and vice versa…

The audio is nothing more than an AC voltage at different amplitudes and frequency.

@ Cowboy Exactly. ADC the wave.

@ Jay Jay - I was looking at this project on KS the other way. He is controlling his printer through audio jack.

Check the “How does the Peachy Printer work” video.

Thanks again everyone, so i should look into, a chip or something that converts voltage to byte and vice versa…???

Thanks …

Hi, i check it out but couldn’t find anything explaining how it works…

Found it :slight_smile:


PLL work to decode tones:

Something like this might get you going: