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Any Differences Between Com1 and Com2?


I am easily reading gps data on Com1(pin Di0). When I simply change the string in the SerialPort( “COM1”,4800) to SerialPort( “COM2”,4800)and connect the gps data to UEXT4 (COM2 RX (IN)), I am unable to receive the gps. What am I overlooking? Am I using the correct pin for COM2 receive?

I do not use handshaking.



What board are you using?


FEZ Domino. In my application, polling is sufficient, so there is no timing issue…

I am sure I am missing something.



I have no idea then, sorry!


Looking at the FEZ Domino picture on the web page, COM2 and associated control signals are on Di0, Di1 and Di2. Looking at the stencil on my board and the pin out, COM2 is on the EXT connector. Just to be sure, is COM2 RX on EXT-4?



The picture is old and we have moved the pins on production boards. You can see the correct labeling on the board you own and in documentation…unless you somehow have one of the proto boards!!!


Finally was brave enough to take my FEZDomino out of a working system because the time had come where COM2 was needed. Soon discovered the reason my COM2 would not work. Only pin 6 of the EXT connector had any solder. A little solder on the other nine pins and everything works well.

One queston just to be sure. Handshake works on COM2?

Enjoying developing code with the FEZDomino.

Bernard :slight_smile:


Handshaking should work fine