Any bets on MS' mystery announcement today?

May be Win RT ? VStudio ARM support ?

NETMF 5.0 :D!!

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Balmer talking about NETMF ?

…now that will be pretty special !

It’s probably the “Return of Windows ME” :smiley:

They’re getting into the hardware business - making tablets, in particular.

@ ddurant - Wanted to ask for awhile. I can’t figure out what is it on your avatar image?

looks like a dinosaur head inside an airplane cabin :slight_smile:

Dinosaur head!?!?!

Same picture, clipped & squished less: About DaveD - Thingiverse

They are the mice from the Kia commercial.

I see, now it makes sense! :smiley:

There was rumor of an XBox related tablet device earlier today, after Barnes/Noble said the announcement wasn’t related to them.

Yep it is something hardware related

XBox 720?

Windows Phone Apollo?

Yep, it is a tablet. New MS Surface. 9.3mm thin!

Surface as tablet?

Count me as disappointed – Surface was more than just a multitouch; cameras watching the surface for devices placed on it; iirc it had RFID as well.

576 grams under 1.5 pounds

How is this different than Win8 RT? Other than an interesting hardware design.

Will wait and see…

it is win8. Surface is just the hardware.