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Another sad news


Dennis Ritchie passed away.
I’ve started learning C in 1989 it was my third programming language. I still have his book in Russian.



I must have been learning the C language at about the same time - My father lent me his own Richie and Kernighan C book in French - Also my first structured language after MS GWBasic and assembler… Was missing the “continue” instruction in there at the time :wink:

A great loss.


Why we keep hearing this about good people :frowning:


I read his book in French as well, even though I speak English natively. It was the only one for sale in the little book store in Bouake (Ivory Coast).


It is hard to imagine our world if DMR hadn’t created C and co-created UNIX. You will find C at the heart of just about any sophisticated piece of tech today. UNIX is kind of the Mother-OS that inspired almost all that followed.

Amazing … contributions.



Rest in peace, Dennis.

we are loosing are all these great legends this month. :frowning:
please let it be the last one.