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Another question regarding FEZ Cobra OEM Kit


Hello guys,

I need to do a project requiring XBee and/or Bluetooth expansion boards.

I plan to order a FEZ Cobra OEM Kit.

but I have 2 problems.

  1. will the XBee and/or Bluetooth expansion boards fit
    inside of the customized plastic enclosure that comes with the
    FEZ Cobra OEM Kit?

  2. I checked FEZ Cobra OEM Kit, it is currently out of stock.
    the estimated arrival is 01-04-2011.

I am a college student in Japan and my semester ends in the beginning of Feb.
I need like at least a month to do my project so…
I just wonder if there are other ways I can get the FEZ Cobra OEM Kit quick?


Is that 5 months or 5 weeks!!! I was annoyed when I had to wait a week for my first cobra… You can get them in England from here.

Might be a little dearer though…

The Xbee will fit inside I don’t know about the bluetooth. There is enough room for the expansion board so I’m pretty sure it will

Cheers Ian


You can check distributors here:

Maybe one of them has it in stock?

I believe both boards fit inside the enclosure.