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Another query about pulse in function


Hey guys,

I’ve seen a few topics on a ‘pulsein’ function that would read sensors that communicate with pulse frequency and I was wondering if anyone has come up with a good way of measuring this yet? I’ve got an accelerometer ( that I’m wanting to use with the FEZ domino board if possible and I’ve tried a few of the suggested methods but so far not so good. Any help would be great. Thanks!


Apparently, There is a pwm / pulse input in the next release. I have a small PIC on the SPI bus that does it for me at the moment.

If it’s just a pulse counter you need you can use the register class, there are a few examples on wiki.

The only other way is to convert the pwm or pulse into an analogue signal by the use of a passive filter.

Cheers Ian


I’ve just been using a spare Arduino to do it. Simple interconnect, but it means having another uC to power. Not fun, but it’ll hold…


Yeah I’ve been using my Basic Stamp II board to do it but its kind of a bummer. Seems like a pretty severe limitation to not be able to measure frequency.


You can measure frequency! Using InteruptPort. An easier option would be by using system tick to measure time. This mayu not be accurate but you are comparing to basic stamp so this is much more usable anyway you look at it.

Last option is to wait a bit and get the new release that have something for pulse in


Basic Stamp works for now. Gus any documentation or anything on the new release ‘pulse in’?


Please give us little time and it will be all online soon


No problem. Any ETA on the new release?