Another MakeCode Video with BrainPad Lesson #2

This is another new video on the MakeCode and Hardware YouTube Channel. I also post links to these on Reddit; the new r/MakeCode community there. (I know Reddit is not for kids, but mentors and teachers should be able to use the community responsibly, I hope.) On the vid. I show how to send MakeCode music program via e-mail; it uploads to the BrainPad app. on a Chromebook automatically. And how to make the BrainPad wearable with a 5V. power platform (power bank from Walmart for $5.88) and Velcro.
Any ideas to make this more engaging for kids and easier for teachers would be appreciated. I’m talking to home school parents about using MakeCode and the growing Chromebooks market with under $30 hardware platforms. Much under-served market. Two American STEM robotics suppliers do not support Chromebooks in schools…60% of schools have Chromebooks in USA at some grade levels.


Why not use a screen capture software instead of videotaping the monitor? It will be a lot clearer that way.

Would this work?

I also think you really need to describe what you are doing. Either speak or add some text at the bottom.


You can always use Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 which comes with built in screen capture for video with voice :wink: