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Another Cobra project: Weather API


So, I finished up my latest Cobra project: A weather API.

The Weather API provides a way to interface with weather feeds from the NOAA. The weather reports (METARs) can also be cached, so the system won’t be making constant calls to the NOAA server until the METAR actually needs to be updated.

Currently, the Weather API is included in my latest iteration of the NTPClock project, with the branch source code here:

You will find the Weather API in the API folder. In addition, you will also need the hashtable implementation by Mike, which is also under the API folder.

A typical usage example is under the presentation folder, in clock.cs.

The caching system currently only works with SD cards. If you do not have an SD card, you may disable the caching system all together, but every time you getWeather() you will be polling the NOAAs servers. The stored METARs are usually around 700 bytes, so you could store them in RAM if you wanted.

Theoretically, the API should also work on the FEZ Domino, although since the Domino does not currently support .NETMF sockets, you will need to make your own function to send an HTTP request.