Announcing a new FEZ, the FEZ Creepy

In order for us to make our next FEZ even more popular. We compared FEZes to others then it came to us. Our FEZes are too powerful and have too many cool features. So, we decided to think backwards and make a FEZ that is weaker and less cool.

Announcing FEZ Creepy. Yes this FEZ runs a 8bit micro with a lot of IOs. In order for us to use the 8bit micro, we removed file system, removed networking, removed run-time debugging and finally removed .NET.

This will be added to GHI’s catalog in April 2012. We hope you will enjoy this new addition to the FEZ family.

We also thank Google for reminding us that 8bit is awesome

Happy April fools everyone. See last year’s post about the raptor

Google Maps 8-bit for NES - YouTube!

Looks awsome as always! :slight_smile: I like the fact you included the XBee connector on the board! It took a while to write the NET MF driver for those modules but I rather use tested ansi c libraries. Smart thinking!

So who’s going to make a module so we can run 8bit Google Maps on the Creepy? It’s gotta be Skewworks :wink:

Here’s my neighborhood on the NES. Freakin’ Awesome! Be sure to check out the NES street view render. Some lucky team at Google had fun making this!

No .Net. Then gadgeteer sockets will not be there i guess.
8bit maps looks awesome!

I hear a high pitch buzz when I plug in a USB thumb drive. I beleive I am running the alpha 0.3 firmware. Can some one using an early Creepy board confirm this ?

It is pitchy alright :slight_smile:

nice try :wink:

@ Ransom, how did you know man?! 8)

Will it be open source?

Yes it is open source

well if it is open source it must be the greatest fez since sliced bread.

Okay lol

Lol. Happy April 1st.

What was it last year? Raptor?


Happy April Fools everyone April Fools' Day - Wikipedia’_Day

Before you changed that image you gave me a huge hint at the new fez :smiley: