[AND THE WINNER IS] Name It, Win It, Use It, Love It

To begin with I’ll only be making two or three of these boards as a POC, but the order will be put in as soon as my awesome hardware guy gives me a go on the board and a BOM.

This is a board aimed at education on all levels. For younger kids I’ll have Skewworks embedded and desktop software guiding them through basic programming (maybe drag and drop programming), older kids will can have a run at Gadgeteer on their own using PicoMax to power the OLED. And college students can run the Cerb40 baremetal to learn ARM development.

The board is powered by AA batteries, has a backup battery for the RTC, a uSD slot, 8 buttons, ports for connecting devices together and a free Gadgeteer port (A/X probably). The connecting ports expose UART and I2C and the OUT one can be used as a U/I socket.

Want one? Name it and win it. I’ll ship out the first board that comes in anywhere in the world for free and include any software that is developed for it.

Enter as many times as you like
Name must be available for trademarking
Winner will be determined by the Skewworks crew (myself, hardware guy, investor, and of course, my kids. :smiley: )
Board design may alter before delivery; core features will not be changed.

What about that other name you had a contest awhile ago?

We had issues w/ the hardware company we were using for that one. They backed out, funding dropped off and the board never got made. :frowning:

This one is out of pocket and going to production for a couple of boards regardless of whether or not more get built.

Esplora :slight_smile: http://arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoBoardEsplora

Yeah but this is better, it’s NETMF :wink:


+1 skewboy

FYI board will now have power LED, user LED, and Temp/Humidity sensor added.

Gotta have an accelerometer…

I looked into that. I actually put it to the kids if temp and humidity v accelerometer. I can only afford one for the first run of 3 boards. I haven’t ordered the parts yet though so if the community weighs in the other way in the next couple of days I will change it. But it remains an either or. :slight_smile:

What age group are you targeting? I would think an accelerometer would be more interesting to younger kids (< 8th grade).

yeah, think Wii nunchuck type projects. Tie it to the family dog* and make it run around the back yard and see what the max acceleration is. * ensure no family pets are harmed in the making of this experiment.

All of them. :slight_smile:

I’m even sitting on a big software secret for the board. Maybe I’ll send you the secret in an email if you’re lucky. :slight_smile:

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: You’re amazing.

No bean spilling! As much as Gus is going to want his hands on it.

My lips are sealed. Yes, he is!

Grrrrrr :wink:

So, instead of many posts, I’ll enter all mine in one go. :slight_smile:

Swab. (Skewworks alpha board)

Board sounds great, nice work dude, inspiring.

Not completely finalized but here are a couple of much nicer pictures for you guys. :smiley:

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SkewlWorks Kit