Analogue and digital Gauges and charts etc

With all the new display offerings and with the Raptor comming online soon and all the lovely speed it will give I think there is a need to have some nice gauges and graph rendering capabiltiy. For example having a gauge to show light levels or temp or an analogue read value displayed with accuracy on the display.

This is way out of my skill level to make so I thought I should foat the idea. I’m sure there
must be others who think this would be a good thing.

Skewworks probably already has something.

@ Architect - I was thinking of Skewworks when i wrote this. He probably does too :slight_smile:

I have used this code before in a desktop design. I assume as it’s in C# .NET it could be ported to .NETMF

It does however use bitmap rotation to get the effect so may need some work to make it run faster. :slight_smile:

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None of the items on that website will work with .NETMF.