AnalogOut and Drum Sounds?

I just noticed the AnalogOut thingy, and I wonder, what’s the max number of samples that can be sent, and the maximum sample-rate?

AnalogOut…::…Set Method (array[][], Int32, Int32, Int32)

Another question. Could I have multiple threads sending values to the same analog out pin, or, since its blocking, I have to “mix” a bunch of values and send with a smaller buffer?

I was wondering a very simple thing, a timer that would call AnalogOut with, lets say 512 samples, at a determinate period of time. Another thread would mix multiple WAV files into the buffer to be played by the timer.

But, since .NET is not realtime, it could get a delay on calling the timer… in that case, a hardware buffer would be needed, a CODEC that I could fill its buffer in a very irregular way…

Just brainstorming mostly. :wink:


You can certainly do all kind of things by implementing an RLP driver for analog output pin. The built in support is made for simple audio playback, like notifications to to play simple messages like the ones you hear form an answering machine. I am not sure what is the max but it was tested at 8Khz as this is what it was intended to be used for. There is no limit on the sample count, that is limited by memory.