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GHI provide a class for analog input but Microsoft doesn’t!! So has anyone created a class that can read a scroll bar any pass that value back to my project.

Or, Can I use the battery class (I need three analog outputs ) Ive already created the emulator!



Do you mean you want a driver fro a potentiometer?


I am not sure what you need either :frowning:


Sorry I’m so vauge

I have a fez cobra at work with a pot connected to AD2,3 and 4 to represent my external sensors.

At home I only have the Sample Emulator to work with and I need to inject into the emulator an analog pot representaion, I need a value from the scroll bar sent t my project.

If I need to write a class to emulate an analog pin Ill need a bit of help



So you need an add on to the Emulator then?


Yes! Kinda…

The Tempreture Emulator does it through an SPI device class, I guess I could do it like that but I have a lot of faffing to redo the code when I get t work and try it for real. Plus I intend to use the SPI for other things.

If the touch uses AD0 and AD1 why doesn’t the emulator provide AD inputs a standard.
I think Ill download a few control examples and make my own control. If it works Ill post it so you see what I wanted.



Ah, ok.

The NETMF blog actually had an example of this:


This Blog is pointing to the same book EVERONE points at

“Expert .net framework” I’ve actually bought this book and its winging its way to me as we speak The “Bicycle Computer” example also has these links

I really appreciate your help Chris thanks