An exciting webcast about .NET Gadgeteer

Our friends at always have exciting talks and this one is one of our favorite. It I featuring @ DevHammer, one of the biggest fans of .NET Gadgeteer. We just ove his answer to: “What would you do with $5,000?” when he said that he would would buy everything GHI sells. We know some community member are addicted to what we create but not this much, thanks Andrew :slight_smile:

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@ Gus - Thanks for the shout-out. As I said, it was a bunch of fun to record, and it’s wild to think about the fact that it was only a few short years ago that Gadgeteer didn’t exist, I’d barely heard of TinyCLR outside of the SPOT watch, and I was driving to Richmond, VA for an event and listening to the DNR episode where Carl and Richard had you on. That one was inspiring and interesting, too!

Clearly, it planted a seed, which has only grown since then. :slight_smile:

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